Post First Event Wash-Up

Well despite all the challenges (original venue dropped out 9 days before the big day and one of my 3 speakers having to send his apologies due to being asked to meet the MAS 3 working days before hand) the first event seemed to go really well!!

I’m really pleased to say we had 56 members attend the event, and now have 180 total members to the meetup.

The speakers were both fantastic – knowledgeable, witty, funny, packed full of industry news and Corda anecdotes, and unflappable in the Q&A session. “Thank you”.

An extra special thanks also needs to go out to Hoos Badakhchani, CEO and Founder of BIOMEX ( and Joel Dudley of R3 for heroically stepping in at the last minute (literally less than 24 hours before kick off) to join the panel discussion.

Personal highlights for me were:

  • Dave Edwards thanking R3 for building a DLT platform for the Insurance industry and wondering why all these bankers want to try to get involved!
  • Richard Crook explaining how there are already many instances of where groups of banks or financial institutions working together to setting up a 3rd party to perform some task where close collaboration is necessary (money transfer, settlements etc), and how blockchain technology has the potential to facilitate a decentralised 3rd party solution which would help avoid the issue of that new entity pursuing its own self interests, rather than acting purely in the interests of the institutions that set it up.
  • Getting to see so many old and new faces, and seeing so many of the people who had come to the meetup without any prior knowledge telling me that they were now really interested in the technology and wanted to explore it further!

Points for the future:

  • I need to waffle less at the beginning
  • 3 speakers aren’t necessarily necessary, I think 2 speakers were actually fine when complimented by some strong presences in the panel discussion
  • People had started to look a little bored / fidgety after 1 hour of content – definitely have to call it a day after 60 minutes of attendees being talked to, no matter how interesting the content is
  • Speakers with no-slides seemed to work really well! Microphones are for whimps!
  • I either need to get better at chairing a Q&A / Panel session or ask someone else to do it for me!
  • More beer needs to be available during the networking… I can see the benefit of artfully distributing buckets of bottles of beer around the room now

Any other ideas / feedback / suggestions gratefully received!

Here are the photos:

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